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Qld government announced deregulation of electricity prices on July 1st 2015. Deregulation is supposed to provide more competition and ideally lower electricity costs. Often this doesn't occur and prices actually rise!

Sept 12



The federal government releases the review of its renewable energy target. The review recommends the dismantlement of the target along with the significant rebate for new solar systems. Get in now before the rebate is axed. To find out more about how the rebate works and its impact on you click here.

Aug 28



The world renowned Aurora inverter is now owned by ABB after the Swiss company buys  Power-One.



ABC's Four Corners Report - Power to the People


Great report on how the electricity market operates in Australia and how renewable energy is challenging the concept of coal-powered electricity  and how it impacts on you, the consumer and bill payer.


Very informative and definitely worth the watch. Part of the program explains how the solar rebates and clean energy target operates as well as why electricity bills have been rising. 


Poor policy has resulted in significant increases in electricity costs, driving people towards cheaper alternatives such as solar.


To watch click here: Power to the People


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