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Sparktec offers a variety of inverters and solar panels. The products we have chosen are all well-established brand names with a long history of proven reliability and performance. Unlike many solar companies, all of our products are supplied by local solar wholesalers not direct from the manufacturer. This means, in the unlikely instance of a warranty claim, we're not dealing with overseas companies but rather Australia wide wholesalers with Brisbane offices ensuring fast local support, genuine warranties and greater consumer protection.


As well as the products below Sparktec also offers range of independently rated tier 1 Chinese panels and inverters. The bulk of panels and inverters these days are Chinese and there are substantial variations in their quality, reliability and output. They vary from very bad to very good and everything in between. Sparktec provides our customers with a diverse selection of panels and inverters to suit almost any budget. The products we choose have been selected because they offer the best warranties, quality, performance and value for money.

ABB (Aurora) Inverter

SMA Inverter

LG Panels

ABB is a Swiss company specialising in power and automation. ABB purchased Power-One who owned the Aurora inverter range in 2013. Same great inverter except now branded as ABB. ABB is the 2nd largest inverter manufacturer in the world.


Exceptionally good reliability and proven performance. Great warranty with parts and labour covered.


ABB is our preffered inverter not only because of its reliability, performance and price (around $300 cheaper than SMA) but also because of its technical capabilities. It has wide voltage windows, high rated power, effeciency and its front positioned heat sink offers better performance in high temperature environments.


5 year standard warranty with options to extend.

World renowed German inverter. SMA is the largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world and probably the best well known.


SMA make great inverters renowned for their reliability and performance. Excellent warranty with parts and labour covered. SMA comes with bluetooth as standard so you can monitor your system performance using the free SMA software (Aurora does not have blue tooth). The SMA comes with a large, very user friendly screen. If you want all the techy bells and whistles then SMA is for you.


Just like ABB, SMA provides exceptional customer service. If SMA finds a fault with one of its inverters, the company will send out a replacement within 24 hours.


5 year standard warranty with options to extend.

LG is a household name usually associated with household electronics. Not many people know that LG has been researching and developing solar since 1985, much longer than the vast majority of solar companies.


The 275w Mono X is a high-end module providing a very high effeciency of 16.8%. The panel offers great performance. When comparing other panels in output with various light conditions, the Mono X wins hands down.


When you buy an LG solar module you are dealing with an international company that has the capacity and longevity to provide reliable backup and solid warranty that lasts for decades.


The Mono X module is the first in the world authorised to display the Carbonfree Certified Label.


The LG Mono X solar panel represents an investment in first class standards of design, manufacture, back-up support and warranties.

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