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There are hundreds of different solar brands available. Which ones are reliable and provide high output over their live span? Are you you being offered a re-branded panel or a poor quality panel being 'sold' as a premium one? Sparktec only supplies independently rated Tier 1 Chinese and European brands that offer genuine local support and reliability. Our 10 year workmanship warranty ensures that the system you purchased is built to last.


Sparktec has experience in roof top systems including with micro-inverters, off the grid and battery backup, ground mount and free-standing solar systems.


When deciding on a solar system, Sparktec is committed to proving accurate advice and honest advice.


Sparktec offers systems to suit any budget. There are over a million households in Australia with solar installed. Qld is leading the way with more solar systems installed than any other state. Solar is one of the best investments you can make by providing many years of cheap electricity and fast rates of return.

Sparktec provides a no obligation solar assessment of your property. One of our solar assessors will visit you at a convenient time and provide you with honest information and advice in a number of areas:


  • Shade, orientation, meter box suitability and other factors impacting on system performance and installation

  • Roof inspection to determine panel location

  • Analyse your electricity bill and advise on the most appropriate-sized solar system and other measures for electricity savings

  • Explanation of how solar works including rebates, feed-in rates and how to get the best benefits from your solar system

  • Estimated breakdown of savings and rate of return

  • Types of panels and inverters available, the differences between them in regards to price, functionality and performance

  • Discuss your requirements such as budget, timeframe and system expectations

  • Provide a quote.

Air Conditioning


We all enjoy being comfortable. Whether it's in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, having air conditioning plays a huge part in ensuring you and your family are living in comfort. Choosing one of our air conditioners will ensure your home is kept at a comfortable temperature while giving you a quiet and efficient system that helps reduce your carbon footprint. Sparktec does it all with the design, supply, installation and maintenance of split systems and ducted air conditioning systems. We are proud of the dependable, timely, expert service we have provided to countless Qld residents over the years and our commitment to great service continues every day. We supply all the major brands including Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Daikin. We also perform full servicing and repair of all domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.


Some of the items we address when conducting a service include:

    * Check all filters, clean or quote the cost of replacement (to ensure maximum air flow)
    * Clean condensing or outdoor unit coils (to ensure maximum air flow)
    * Visually inspect all moving parts and make adjustments as required
    * Check the operational status of any variable speed fan controllers
    * Check refrigerant levels
    * Visually check all electrical connections
    * Inspect evaporator drains to ensure they drain away as required


Sparktec provides a large range of electrical services to residential customers throughout South East Qld. These services include:


  • Power point installation and repair

  • Garden and sensor lighting

  • Bathroom light/fan/heat

  • Exhaust fan installation and repair

  • Pool wiring

  • Safety switches

  • Off peak energy use

  • Mains cabling upgrades

  • House wiring and rewiring

  • Lighting design and installation for interior and exterior

  • Smoke detector installation and repair

  • Antenna, TV, phone and data point installation

  • Security and intercom systems

  • Switchboard wiring and upgrades

  • Ceiling fan installation and repair

  • Full electrical renovation services

  • Power point installation and repair




LED lighting


LED lighting is now often the best choice for house lighting. LED lighting has gained immense popularity among people because of its long life (20,000 - 50,000 hours), very low electricity consumption and very low heat generation.  The other benefit is that, unlike CFL bulbs, LED bulbs don’t contain mercury, so recycling them is easier and safer. A great thing about LED bulbs is that in most instances you can install them yourself into your existing light fittings. If you still use the incandescent light, it's time to replace it with the more advanced LED light.

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